Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. The game will feature five resources for the player to collect: Lumber, Iron, Brightsteel, Dragon Essences and Amber. Amber will act as hard currency, and will be required for purchasing Gnomes and skipping time gates, while Brightsteel will be used for the higher end upgrades and assets.

  • Lumber, Iron and Brightsteel are used for building certain buildings. 
  • Dragon Essence is used to level up dragons or to improve the odds of breeding a better egg. 
Resourcve Description


Amber is a resource primarily gained through in app purchases (IAP). There are other ways to obtain Amber, however, these methods are rather slow in comparison to purchasing them in the Shop. Small amounts of Amber can be obtained by hunting and clearing ruins and vegetation (obstacles) from the map, but this is random.Completing achievements also award Amber.


Iron is a resource that is collected by Iron Mines. Once collected it is stored in the player’s Iron Depots. The amount of Iron players have is displayed at the top of the screen, next to Lumber. Iron is used for purchasing and upgrading Army Buildings, Lumber Mills, and Lumber Depots.


Lumber is a resource that is created by Lumber Mills. Once collected it is stored in the player’s Lumber Depots. The amount of Lumber players have is displayed at the topof the screen. Lumber is used to build and upgrade defensive buildings, Iron Mines, Iron Depots, Brightsteel Depots, and walls.


Brightsteel is a resource that is created at the Brightsteel Lab. Once collected it is stored in the player’s Brightsteel Depot. The amount of Brightsteel players have is displayed at the top of the screen. This is not shown until the player has built at least one Brightsteel depot. Brightsteel is used for training Elementals, and high end defensive upgrades.
Dragon Essence

Dragon Essence

Dragon Essence is obtained when you sacrifrice a dragon in the dragon den. The amount of dragon essence given depends on the rarity of the dragon. Players can further improve their odds of getting a better egg by using Dragon Essences. You can also obtain dragon essence from achievements, quests and daily missions.