Size 1x1

Gnomes are the ones who build everything. If you plan to work on various constructions at the same time, it is wise to hire more. Give them Amber to finish their work right away.

Each Gnome Chalet comes with 1 Gnome which allows the player to build and upgrade the structures of their kingdom. Players get 2 Gnome Chalets from the tutorial, with another 4 available for purchase using Amber.

Gnomes are needed to construct and upgrade Buildings, Walls, Hunt animals and to clear Obstacles. However, you do not need a Gnome to place Decorations or Gizmos.

Hitpoints: 300
Build Cost (first): Free
Build Cost (second): Free
Build Cost (third):  500
Build Cost (fourth):  1,000
Build Cost (fifth):  2,000
Build Time: Immediate

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