Dragons are grouped in four different types:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic

Each type has it’s own egg color and design. These colors and names will be reflected on the dragon’s portrait, so that players can easily identify them.

Breath Attack and Spells

All Dragons posses a basic attack called Breath that works as a damage over time effect. As long as the player holds the Breath button, his dragon will cast it.

  • The Breath attack has no cooldown, it deals damage to the target structure as long as the player keeps the Breath button pressed.
  • Dragons will overheat after using Breath for more than 5 consecutive seconds. As the player presses the button, it will turn from orange to red. If the dragon overheats, a message will appear on screen: Overheat!
  • If the player releases the button before the 5 seconds, it will slowly cooldown back to normal.
  • Overheated dragons cannot use their Breath attack for the next 3 seconds.

Dragon Rarities