Size: 2x2

Dragon Eggs will rest on these nests until they hatch. Upgrade the Dragon Nests to make it harder for enemies to steal from them.

The eggs produced by the player will instantaneously lay on an available Dragon Nest, and will remain there until the hatching time passes, or until the player hatches them using Amber. While the egg is in the nest, it is vulnerable and can be stolen by other players if the nest is destroyed. Once an egg hatches, the Dragon will be be selectable in the Den. 

Players cannot upgrade a Dragon Nest while it holds an egg that is hatching. A Dragon Nest that is upgrading cannot hold an egg.

Building More Dragon Nests

The amount of Dragon Nests a player can have is dependent on his Castle Level.

Castle Level - Available Dragon Nests

1 - 1

2 - 1

3 - 2

4 - 2

5 - 2

6 - 3

7 - 3

8 - 3

9 - 4

10 - 4